Best Landscaping Contractors In Chennai

Landscaping Contractors in Chennai – At Green Tech Landscape, we specialize in landscape contractors design and implementation across Chennai and its surrounding region. This work includes residential projects such as balcony and terrace garden design to commercial large scale projects such as vertical gardens and landscape design for restaurants, resorts, corporate offices, hospitals and hotels, among others.

Our landscape designs contractors are custom made to suit the needs of our individual clients. We understand that no two projects are the same, thus we strive to uniquely enhance the overall aesthetic of each site we have the pleasure of working with.

No project is too small or large for us to take on, whether its a herb vertical garden for your apartment balcony or landscape design for a golf resort; our team of experts would be happy to walk you step by step through every stage of the process.

Landscaping Contractors In Chennai


A great design ensures that your space is stylish, in harmony with its environment and most importantly, that it lasts.

​Our Services Include:

  •    Landscape Gardens
  •    Balcony Gardens
  •    Terrace Gardens
  •   Vertical Gardens And Green Walls
  •    Outdoor Decking, Gazebos & Privacy Screens
  •    Hard scape Services
  •    Maintenance Services

Green Tech Landscape is an award-winning international consultancy firm with offices in Chennai. We offer sustainable urban development solutions with focus on urban planning, rural planning, urban design, town planning and landscape architecture.

Our global leaders have extensive proven experience in their local markets and have successfully completed a wide range of projects. We have an extensive experience of working with both private and public sector clients. GSA believes in collaborative design approach, which forms a strong foundation for our innovative and locally relevant solutions.

Process of Landscaping Contractors

Each project solution provided by Green Tech Landscape is vetted through a series of environmental, social, cultural and economical reviews to ensure that the proposed solution is environmentally responsible, culturally vibrant, technologically progressive, economically feasible and most importantly people-oriented.

We have established internal systems that strive to incorporate this six-pronged approach in each project.

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Our Services


Landscape Design & Installation

Complete Landscape Design Consultancy   & Installation Services

Grounds Maintenance

Comprehensive Grounds Maintenance Programs

Horticulture Services

Expert Horticulture Services & Arbor Care

Stone Work, Granite Laying

Green tech develops successful, long lasting relationships with those we serve.


“They just completed the work and exceeded my expectations.

They cleaned up the entire front and back yard. They ended working 2 and half days and my landscaping look great!”

I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Green Tech Landscape, landscape designer, to re-create a landscape that would blend in with the natural beauty of our campus.

Communication from the first visit to the proposal to completion was great with rapid response times. I look forward to doing more work with Green Tech Landscape in the near future!”


Landscape architecture involves the planning, design, management, and nurturing of the built and natural environments. With their unique skill set, landscape architects work to improve human and environmental health in all communities.

The gardens serve the purpose of public recreation by refreshing the body and the mind. They are virtually a retreat for the public from the harsh strains and stresses of public life. Landscaping is done with a view to create a natural scene by planting of lawn, trees and shrubs.

Landscapers have the opportunity to make a difference in their communities. They can make a positive and tangible impact on their surroundings, and that helps create a better experience for whoever uses that space.

  • It is the art of arranging land and landscape for human use, convenience. and enjoyment. • It is concerned with the individual home and the whole community.
  • The objectives of the landscape are to integrate functionally and. aesthetically, the people, building and site.

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