Expert Horticulture Services & Arbor Care

An understanding of India’s diverse growing conditions and wide variety of plant materials is essential to produce a beautiful and healthy landscape.Our staff of experts with advanced Horticulture degrees applies both education and experience to the design of fertility and pest management programs that meet the state’s unique requirements.    

Pest Control Operators

Green tech has Pest Control Operators in each of its locations to ensure your landscape receives the highest level of professional care available.Our fertilization and pest control programs are performed by expert technicians under the careful supervision of highly educated horticultural experts.

Accurate Diagnosis, Treatment and Prevention

There are hundreds of plant diseases and pests in India. Accurate diagnosis and treatment is essential in preventing long-term costly problems.From our years of experience throughout India, We have  developed the depth of experience and organization necessary for accurate, cost-effective diagnosis and treatment.

Green-Tech Landscape